Frequently Asked Questions about CE Anywhere

1. What is CE Anywhere?

CE Anywhere is a self-directed internet based continuing education program consisting of lectures that were digitally recorded at IPGE CE Meetings. The videos can be downloaded and/or viewed on any device that supports streaming video in the mP4 format.

2. How do I earn Class A credit using CE Anywhere?

Each lecture has an associated quiz and evaluation that is taken on-line after the lecture has been completed. To meet AANA requirements, a score of 80% must be achieved to pass the quiz.

3. What if I don't pass the quiz?

Some of the quizzes offer a retake option and you may retake the quiz an additional two times. If you have purchased a 25 credit package or more, we will provide you with up to two additonal complimentary lectures. For all others, you may apply the credit in Class B of the CPC program. We will provide the necessary form and instructions as to how to record these credits through your individual CE Portal.

4. Any tips for taking the quizzes?

Many CRNA's have told us that they download the video and review it as they are taking the quiz. This is similar to an open book quiz and a perfectly legitimate way to reinforce learning and to confirm answers to questions.

5. Can I take CE Anywhere with me and use my education funds for the costs?

Yes, if your Department permits this option for you. You will need to complete the lectures and quizzes at your chosen destination so the location must provide access to high speed internet. When you complete and pass the requirements of each lecture, a Certificate is generated that you can either print or save to print later. The Certificate is date stamped and this cannot be changed. There is also a field where you can input the location where you completed the study and this becomes documentation for your employer.

6. Can I use an iPad to take the quizzes?

Some older iPads running 9.3.5 may have issues running through the quizzes completely. We have found that newer iPads have had no issues associated with quiz taking.

7. What are the main advantages of CE Anywhere?

This program offers the flexibility for you to choose from more than 50 topics that are now available. Therefore you can choose those that are most pertinent to your practice. You also have the flexibility to choose your desired destination and dates. Finally, credits you earn can be applied to either Class A or Class B of the CPC program.

This program has been prior approved by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists for 40 Class A CE Credits. Code Number 1032366. Expiration Date 12/31/18.

Please address further inquiires to:

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